Paper piecing is fun

I use to go to Stitchbird, a cute shop in Kilbirnie (Wellinton) to buy some of my fabrics, in one of my visits I found that they was doing a  paper pieced course , was looking challenge and I decide to join it.

My teacher was Adrianne, she was very patient and really helpfull .

We  use in the class an Artisania’s Lil’ Fox pattern and we had the option to  turn our paper pieced fox into whatever we like

I decided to make a pillow, here is how it turn out :



Super cute isn´t it ?

The pattern on the beginning was difficult to follow, but with the help of Adrianne I started to understand and enjoy it.

If you decide to do your own, you have some tutorials on Artisania’s website where they show you how to do it, and you can always find lots of tutorials in youtube if that ones are not enough.


One of my mistakes was to choose  the blue  fabric with clouds and yellow birds for the background, I didn´t know that will be so difficult line it up , next time I am sure that I ´m going with a plane fabric.

The fabric was from Stitchbird  and I use for the eyes and nose black buttons instead of doing them with embroidery since personally I like it more.

After this pillow which was a present for my  mother I decide to do another different thing : a wallet.

In this case the pattern for the hand  bag is mine , I scaled the fox to the size that I though that will fit and the result was super cute, wasn´t it ?

Zorro amarillo

I decide to go for a yellow fox with a plane background.

Did you sew some paper piecing before ? If don´t I totally recommend it , is really fun!






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