Nelson, the center of New Zealand

Nelson is a city on the south island of New Zealand.

It was named in honour of the Admiral Horatio Nelson who defeated both the French and Spanish fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

What to do in Nelson when you are going for a weekend?

For our weekend  we decided to take the AquaTaxi to visit The Abel Tasman National Park and do one of their famous walking tracks.

Nelson map

Before even start our  walk we found PUKEKOS! walking around the information point.

They sent us to the boat which will take us to the park, our journey started with a tractor ride  to the sea. What a funky and funny moment




The journey in the taxiaqua to the Abel Tasman National Park is the best part, we could see penguins and seals but sadly I don´t have a picture of them :




In the park:

In this case we did the 4 hours walk track, wish that was summer to swim in this awesome landscape…


Who is that crazy woman and what is she writing in the sand?

Oh yeah…. my sisters name… she always ask for something like this.


Oh no.. they are coming to take us back to reality!

Nelson sea


Ok , we are back in Nelson, after sleep and rest is Saturday and is raining , what to do ? Lets go to the market!

Something else?

Oh yeah, with this weather the best is going for a walk to the center of New Zealand and check the views from there:


Some pictures from Nelson center:

Christ Church Cathedral and its very loud bell ringing and  labyrinth:


Birds inside the restaurants:

And this is what you can find in your way back to the airport if you decide return walking:

Pukekos and happy goats:



There is lots of things to do in Nelson, but we hadn´t time for them all.

Ah ! don´t forget stop by hopgoods restaurant..  the service and food are awesome!

Time to return to Wellington..

On the flight back we could see Picton from the plane, which looks gorgeous from the air :



And yes… I bought fabric in Nelson..

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