Ipod case and Napkin holder, my small big projects

I love the small works they are fast and usually brings me more satisfaction than biggers ones.

Last year I did this small bag for my Ipod, more or less I knew what I wanted and how I wanted, so I start cutting some fabric and I was lucky because the result was what I was searching for.

,ipod bag

The result was as good that I decide do another one for a friend.

I only had these teddy bears buttons, I thought that I would change it later, but in the end I couldn’t remove that smiley face from the fabric .


Another project that I did and find really useful is this napkin holder (sorry for the dark pictures).


It allows me to store the coasters inside the pocket when I don’t need them.



I have more small – big projects that I will be posting, hopefully you will like them.


Thank you for stopping by.

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