Roses for me

I have to say that sometimes I feel frustrated with sewing, I often start  projects which ends very different to what I had on mind.

But this wasn´t the case with this willamette shirt which made my day once that I finished it , it was a simple project that I really enjoyed with a sweet result.

I chose a fabric that I had at home since two years ago, I bough it in a small shop in Wellington, New Zealand called The busy bee quilt shop, I felt in love with it the first time that I saw it but I was a beginner sewer and  didn´t know what I could sew with it so I decided to leave it until I had the perfect project for it.

The fabric color is a soft pink with roses printed over it, when I saw this pattern I knew that it  was perfect for it.

The process was easy and straight forward, I couldn’t believe how easy  and enjoyable it was to work on the shirt.

The pros :

Easy and fast to make.

You don´t need to know how to sew buttons , you can fake a button on the top or add a snap button or just sew it to the top.

Nice fitting.

I think next time I will make a longer version , sadly I only had two metres of fabric so I had to go for a short version of the willamette shirt


Pattern : The Willamette shirt by Hey June Handmade

Size: I went with the smallest size which in this case is a size 2

Construction : Regular Sewing machine.





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