Dr who Handbag for IPad Pro

After a while on the dark side I decided to start to write again on the blog.

Today I would like to show you my last sewing project, a handbag for my iPad and headphones.

I’ve had this fabric for a while, you may have seen it on my instagram account.

I love Dr Who, I started to watched it when I was working in Glasgow as an animator on one of their episodes:The Flatline, after that I start to watch all the old seasons (2005+) and kept watching the newest ones too.. and I love it.

When I bough my new ipad and I had to take it with me to work I realised that travelling with two backpacks ( one for the gym and other for the iPad ) wasn’t the most comfortable…. The iPad doesn’t take much space but once you start to add headphones, a wallet, tissues and other stuff  it start to be bulky.

I did this bag in 2 hours approximately, I cut 4 rectangles of fabric and 2 more of interfacing, and I added a zip to the top with two handles.

Just for the fun of it I even sewed a small cover for the iPad … not sure why … it is already well protect by the keyboard and handbag… but you know.. I don’t need much excuse to sew something new…

Still need to finish the seams but this will give you an idea of how it will look.


Once that you put the iPad in the bag with the cover it’s camouflaged.. can you see it? Looks kind of cool.

And that was all for today, hope to write soon again ..



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